*World wide digital distribution to all digital stores and retailers in the marketplace including but not limited to, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal


*Website placement with the proper submission of cover art, artist bio and high quality PROFESSIONAL photo


(Optional Services)

*Cover Art and Promotional Poster

*Custom Website Development

*High Quality Mixing and Mastering


(Independent Labels)

*Each artist signed to label will be afforded 3 full-length album distributed through Grind Mode Music Worldwide under the standard distribution deal

*Optional Promotional Services will be available to each artist for any single off their albums


(Optional Promotional Services)

*Single song placement on blogs and websites such as Thisis50, HipHopVibe and Overseas sites

*Single song submission to DJ Pools and review of song

*Radio placement on FM Stations in the US Market

*Online interviews with writers from

Thisis50, Holiday Season Live, The Source, Jackthriller, Hip Hop Vibe and HYPE Magazine

*Online Video Promotion

*Promotional performance opportunity in the Western Pennsylvania market.

*Touring Slots

*E-blast to industry tastemakers and reputable DJ Coalitions

(Note...all promotions are for one single off the album designed to introduce the artist into the marketplace to enhance the probability of selling the album. All traffic will be routed to an online retailer of your choice. ALL INDEPENDENT LABELS will have the option of promoting each artists signed to them as a separate push from their label mates.




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